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Make: MX8 - Internal atomization pin type
Material: 304 stainless steel
Orifice: .077" (1.96 mm) diameter (nominal)
Flow rate: .0276 GPM (6.3 l/h) at 1000 PSI (70 Bar)
.0338 GPM (7.7 l/h) at 1500 PSI (105 Bar)

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Material: 316 stainless steel
Sizes: .500", .750", and 1.0" with .035" wall (12.7, 19.0, and 25.4 mm, with .89 mm wall)
Specs: ASTME A269-96


Make: GYROLOK double-ferrule compression
Material: 316 stainless steel

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Pump: CAT positive displacement
Flow range: .5 - 36 GPM (1.8 - 136 l/min)
Pressure range: 1000-1500 PSI (70 - 105 Bar)
Motor: MAGNETEK, TEFC type
Motor Voltage: 380/460V, 50/60Hz
Control voltage: 110V/1Ø/60Hz, or 220V/3Ø/50-60Hz
Flowmeter: Turbine type, 0-10VDC output
Pressure Transducer: 0-6VDC output
Filtration: 5 micron (standard) cellulose resin bonded. Other types available.
Electrical: SIEMENS motor starters and overloads, CE marked

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Temp/Humidity Sensor: VAISALA, 4-20mA output
PLC: GE FANUC VERSAPRO, three digital inputs, one 4-20mA input, and three outputs
Other controls

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