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MicroMist System for Horticulture Applications

The MicroMist System helps greenhouse growers pinpoint and maintain conditions at which plants absorb and assimilate nutrients most effectively. Additionally, treated plants are protected from mortality in the event of temperature spikes during summer. MicroMist System users typically benefit from more uniform control than cooling pad users. Compared with horizontal and/or vertical temperature differentials of up to 10° F, the MicroMist System can maintain temperatures throughout the greenhouse within 1° F.

All these benefits result in increased production and improved plant quality.

The MicroMist System can be retrofitted to virtually any structure type, in nearly any climate, with significant results. Contact us today or request a quote to see how a MicroMist System can significantly enhance your greenhouse business. For more specific details, such as droplet size specifications or advantages over pad cooling technology, go to the Fog Theory page.


Go to Horticulture: Sample Specs