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For over thirty years, MicroMist Systems have been helping to control environmental conditions within structures such as greenhouses, Cooling in a Public Train Station poultry houses, and gas turbine inlets. We have also developed a strong customer base representing not-so-common uses for the MicroMist Sytem. In every case, our application engineers have calculated the optimal solution to meet the customer's requirements and budget, and to produce the best environmental control results possible. Below is a list of applications in which the MicroMist System has successfully improved environmental control.


Humidifying a Wine Barrel Storage Facility Wine barrel storage facilities - precise control of humidity and temperature has improved wine production for large-scale operations.

Textile and lumber factories - precise control of humidity has reduced airborne dust levels and improved product quality.

Agriculture applications - Cooling has improved production and quality in dairies and pig facilities.

Various applications - Application of atomized concentrates has significantly reduced odor at organic composting and agricultural facilities, as well as reducing airborne pest populations at agricultural facilities.

Outdoor applications - Cooling has helped numerous organizations maintain comfort levels for employees, clientele, and the general public.

The MicroMist System can be retrofitted to virtually any structure type, in nearly any climate, with significant results. Contact us today to learn more about these and other successful applications, or request a quote to see how a MicroMist System can help improve your environment.

Go to Other Applications: Sample Specs