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Pressurization Filtration Control Module

MicroMist System Pressurization Filtration Control Modules (PFCMs) are completely integrated units designed to offer years of reliable performance. Featuring only the highest quality components, MicroMist PFCMs are available in a variety of flow and pressure capacities to meet specific design requirements. To ensure adequate water quality for reliable operation, each PFCM are equipped with a disposable cartridge-filtration unit that eliminates suspended solids. Optional water treatment systems are available for controlling dissolved solids within the water supply.
Depending on the application, PFCM operation can be regulated by a thermostat, humidistat, programmable timer, or by a computer-driven environmental control software. Go to Special Considerations page

PFCM configuration can be customized to meet unique specifications, such as space constraints, area rating requirements, or additional incorporated controls.


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