System Design Information: Power Generation

Contact Information
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Zip/Postal Code: Country:
Contact: Phone:
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Project Name:

Performance Requirements
Desired Temperature Reduction: C F
Other Criteria: Multiple-Stage Single-Stage Overspray    Other:
System Control: DCS ON/Off (Existing DCS Controls Function of MicroMist System)
PLC - Stand Alone (PLC supplied with MicroMist System controls function separate from existing DCS)
PLC with DCS Control (PLC supplied with MicroMist System control function in conjunction with existing DCS)
Performance Objective: MW KW % Efficiency
Other Comments:

Structural Design Criteria
Application: Combustion Turbine Inlet Cooling Cooling Tower
Equipment: Make: Model: ISO: MW
ISO Inlet Air Flow: CFM lbs/secAt: C F (Dry Bulb)    %RH
Filter House: Make:    Model:
Inlet Configuration: Silencers Inlet Air Filter    Filter Make:   Filter Model:
Existing Cooling/Humidifying Equipment: Chillers   Pads    Other:
Inlet Surface: Stainless Galvanized Coated
Trash Screen: Stainless Galvanized    Other:

Climatic Data
Avg. Maximum Temperature (DB): C F Relative Humidity:  % (WB): C F
Maximum Temperature (DB): C F Relative Humidity:  % (WB): C F

Water Specifications
Water Type: R.O. De-ionized City Well    Other:
Continually Available Supply: L/h GPM Bar PSI
Water Comments:
Note: Water analysis is required (except for R.O. amd De-ionized). If requestor cannot supply an analysis report, Baumac will provide an analysis at no extra charge.

Additional Required Information
Please submit the following additional information by fax or email: drawing(s) of filter house and inlet configuration with dimensions, locations of filters, silencers and trash screens.
We appreciate your interest in the MicroMist Fog System. Upon receipt of this design data sheet we will contact you to obtain any additional necessary information and let you know when to expect a quote.