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There is much speculation throughout the evaporative cooling industry regarding the ideal size of individual water particles comprising mist or fog. Recently, independent research by a division of Total Refineries, as well as the University of La Rochelle in France, has revealed that there is minimal difference in evaporation time for particles smaller than 50 microns in diameter. At 30% relative humidity, for example, a particle 20 µ in diameter evaporates in less than .05 seconds, while a 40 µ particle evaporates in .19 seconds - a difference of only .14 seconds.

The fog created by the MicroMist System consists of particles averaging 19 µ in diameter at 1500 PSI (105 Bar), with 90% of all particles under 55 µ. Combined with a projection pattern designed to minimize particle conglomeration away from the nozzle, the MicroMist System creates a fog that truly can evaporate efficiently.

Click on the graph below for a larger view. For more information regarding water droplet sizes created by the MicroMist System, please contact us directly.


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