Fog Theory

In service through out the world, and effective in nearly all types of climates, MicroMist Systems are used extensively to modify temperature and humidity for a variety of applications in many different environments.

The heart of the MicroMist fog system is the specially designed MX8 atomizing nozzle, which atomizes pressurized water. The premise behind this technology is relatively simple: as water evaporates, the surrounding air is cooled and humidified. The MicroMist System is engineered to maximize these effects in a controlled manner, while maintaining cost-effectiveness. The MicroMist System is also commonly used to evenly apply chemical concentrates for purposes such as disinfecting, fertilizing, odor abatement, and pest control.

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  Droplet size
  Advantages over impaction pin nozzle design
  Advantages over pad cooling techology (greenhouse & poultry)