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The MicroMist System's MX8 Atomizing Nozzle is engineered for maximum performance in a wide range of environments. Claims have been made by other fog system suppliers that the impaction pin nozzle design, which atomizes water externally, is a better alternative. Listed below are some of the significant design differences between these two nozzle types. Read on to see how superior design, performance and quality are ample justification for choosing the MX8 over the impaction pin type nozzle.


MX8: Constantly-lubricated internal atomization pin means the nozzle orifice is the only possible point of significant wear.
Impaction Pin: Two points of possible significant wear (impaction pin and orifice) increase probability of premature particle size increase and evaporation efficiency deterioration.

MX8: Water particles are allowed to travel in the same direction as the natural flow through the orifice and enter the air stream parallel to the air flow direction. Particle conglomeration is thereby limited, rendering the MX8 an evaporative-efficient nozzle.
Impaction Pin: Particles exiting the nozzle are first forced into a trajectory almost perpendicular to the natural direction of flow through the orifice, then forced into an air stream which runs perpendicular to the particle trajectory. The air stream overcomes particle inertia, forcing the particles into a pattern of conglomeration. Thus, larger droplets are created downstream, rendering the impaction pin nozzle less efficient.  see illustration below

MX8: Water supply is centrally-filtered at the pump, minimizing maintenance requirements.
Impaction Pin: Each nozzle is filtered individually, creating the need for a labor-intensive maintenance schedule.


MX8: Nozzle check valves prevent low-pressure spray and dripping during pressurization and de-pressurization.
Impaction Pin: No nozzle check valve available.

MX8: Stainless steel lockwire secures entire nozzle to prevent adjacent equipment from foreign object damage.
Impaction Pin: No protection from foreign object damage in the event of impaction pin becoming disliged from nozzle body.


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